2pcs Garden Sprinkler Metal Spike Lawn Sprinkler

2pcs Garden Sprinkler Metal Spike Lawn Sprinkler

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2pcs Garden Sprinkler Metal Spike Lawn Sprinkler

Say goodbye to those days where you have to water your plants by holding onto garden hose in burning sun, a lot of effort and risking heat stroke. Your lawn and plants can be taken care by these Impulse / Impact Sprinklers - these are a great invention on self irrigation works on circular motion by the force from outgoing water, while the arm spreads outgoing water evenly by swinging motion. The sprinkle coverage can be adjusted by deflector shield and angle can be adjusted by adjusting built-in collar and U shape lever. There is also a screw knob on deflector shield for adjusting sprinkle type between solid and misty types. Comes with spikes to pin sprinkler heads into the soil ground.


  • 100% Brand New 2pcs Garden Sprinkler Metal Spike Lawn Sprinkler
  • Made with corrosion-resistant zinc alloy
  • Metal construction enable durability and heavy duty
  • Adjustable coverage and sprinkle angle
  • Can adjust sprinkle types in between solid water and misty water
  • Simple to use by connecting head with riser hose or sprinkler base
  • Comes with rubber ring to seal
  • Coverage from 6-12 meter suitable for backyard and home garden
  • Comes with a pair of 1/2" sprinkler spikes


  • Product Dimensions (W L): 12cm x 28cm
  • Gross Weight: 700g
  • Hose Fitting: 1/2"
  • Coverage: 6m - 12m
  • Material: Zinc alloy / Plastic / Iron

Package Contents:

2 x Impulse Sprinkler Impact Sprinkler Head
2 x Sprinkler Spikes