Cat Flap Door - WHITE

Cat Flap Door - WHITE

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Build your furry cat's door to freedom today with this Cat Door Cat Flap Door with 4 Ways Locking System. You're not home and staying with them all the time, they understand that, but still, they would want to go outside and explore their territories. These desires and guarding their territory behaviours could be traced back in centuries, but at the end, you would also prefer for them to go outside to their favourite nap spot under the tree, or to go to their toilet spot, all upon their own will. 4-way locking system allows you to set up in and out preference easily, choose your preferred mode between: In & Out freely; Only in; Only out; and completely lock both ways.

PLEASE NOTE: Please do seek professional help if you are unsure about installation, damage on the product or damage on the door due to incorrect set up is NOT covered under warranty!


  • 100% Brand New Cat Flap Door - WHITE
  • Your cat's door to the freedom
  • Cat Door 4 ways locking system
  • Easy installation with easy set up
  • Prevents other animals to get into the house
  • Assembly components included
  • Best suitable for wooden doors within 50mm thickness
  • Cat Door Great for cats and small dogs
  • Low/ no maintenance needed


  • Product Dimensions (L W H): 23.5cm x 5cm x 25cm
  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 26cm x 24cm x 6cm
  • Flap Door Dimension (W H): 16.8cm x 18.2cm
  • Gross Weight: 1 kg
  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: White

Package Contents:

1 x Cat Flap Door - WHITE
1 x Cat Door Cat Flap Door Accessories Pack

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