Disc Cone Set - 50 Cones

Disc Cone Set - 50 Cones

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Planning to do some sports training outdoors? This Disc Cone Set is a MUST HAVE!

This Disc Cone Set consists of 50 Disc Cones. It also comes with a holder/stand which will help you for storage of the disc cones when not in use. These items are great for agility and speed drills! It is also used as field markers for sports and sports training.

These disc cones are designed bright and multicoloured for them to be highly visible on any surface. They can be used on any surfaces such as grass, gym floors, concrete, etc.!

Grab your own Disc Cone Set and enjoy the versatility of this item!


  • 100% Brand New Sports Cones + Holder Training Cones Set 50 Discs
  • High Quality Durable Material
  • Bright Colours - Clear Visibility
  • 50 2" High Disc Cones
  • 10 Cones Per Colour (5 Colours)
  • Comes with a carrying stand and holder
  • Easy to be seen & noticed
  • Stackable and Bendable
  • Ideal for outdoor activities, sports, traffic, parking lots, etc.


  • Cone Size (Dia H): 19cm x 5cm
  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 25cm x 16cm x 19cm
  • Gross Weight: 1.3kg

Package Contents:

1 x Sports Cones + Holder Training Cones Set 50 Discs