Inverted Umbrella - BLUE SKY

Inverted Umbrella - BLUE SKY

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You've been way too busy holding your kid's hand while talking on the phone, your umbrella had to evolve to catch up! Yes, now you can have both hands free with this Inverted Umbrella. Unlike the traditional umbrella, it folds upwards, leaving the wet surface side remains inwards. By adding on the seamless double layered umbrella fabric, you won't get anyone wet in a crowded bus or in your own car. Feel free to reply an important email on your phone , or carrying your groceries on both hands in the rain with this wonderfully designed inverted umbrella!


  • 100% Brand New Inverted Umbrella - BLUE SKY
  • C shaped handle to hook onto your wrist
  • Release both hands without holding onto your umbrella
  • Leaving wet surface inwards
  • No more water pooling up from the drip
  • No more saying sorry to people from rubbing against your wet umbrella
  • Easy folding your umbrella when you hop onto your car
  • Double layered umbrella canopy and 100% waterproof
  • Tough nylon canopy is abrasion resistant & high elasticity
  • Enhanced UV resistance from double layering
  • Comfortable hand grip with anti-slip material
  • Strong umbrella framing made with carbon fiber


  • Product Dimensions (Dia L): 108cm x 80cm
  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 81cm x 10cm x 7cm
  • Gross Weight: 520g
  • Material: Carbon fiber / Nylon / Rubber
  • Pattern: Blue Sky

Package Contents:

1 x Inverted Umbrella - BLUE SKY