Luggage Organiser Travel Bags 6PCS Set - BLUE

Luggage Organiser Travel Bags 6PCS Set - BLUE

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Luggage Organiser Bags - BLUE

Last minute packing and finding your luggage is not ready, it just won't zip up! If you find your shoes are sitting on top of your white T shirt, and your socks are hiding at the bottom of everything else, then it is almost guaranteed that your travel experience is just going to be messy as your suit case. You will need this Luggage Organiser Travel Bags - comes in 6 different organiser bags designed to fit different purpose. Luggage Organiser Travel Bags with mesh top allows instant see through to find exactly what you need and smaller waterproof bags to store away toiletries, undies, IDs and meds.

Be amazed on how much your luggage can actually fit with these Luggage Organiser Travel Bags, simply organise everything to fit in more of your overseas shopping!


  • Makes travel packing job much easier
  • Made with waterproof nylon
  • Comes in packing pouches and cubes with different sizes
  • Mesh top allows instant see through
  • Packing cube comes with handle
  • Light weight,durable and waterproof


  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 19cm x 12cm x 5cm
  • Large Cube (L W H): 38cm x 27cm x 12cm
  • Medium Cube (L W H): 30cm x 22cm x 12cm
  • Small Cube (L W H): 20cm x 15cm x 12cm
  • Large Pouch (L W): 32cm x 23cm
  • Medium Pouch (L W): 27cm x 20cm
  • Small Pouch (L W): 17cm x 13cm
  • Product Weight: 200g
  • Material: Nylon / Mesh
  • Colour: Blue

Package Contents:

3 x Luggage Organiser Cubes - BLUE
3 x Luggage Organiser Pouches - BLUE

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