Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control System

Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control System

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This Ultrasonic Bark Control Device designed to look like a little bird house, and some think of it as an alarm clock, but never guessed it is such an useful gadget to control your dogs behaviour without causing any harm. Simply hang this low on a tree branch where your dog likes to rest around, on a fence or on top of your outdoor table on the deck. When the Bark Control Device detects excessive barking, it would release ultrasound high frequency where humans can't catch but dogs could hear it clearly, which this frequency is considered to be uncomfortable sound which inhibits dogs bark. Specifically designed for outdoor use with weatherproof material and you are able to adjust between 3 different levels of sensitivity. This Ultrasonic Bark Control system would be a good training tool to use and it does not involve any physical contact to ensure safety.


  • 100% Brand New Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark
  • Neatly welded internal circuits in details
  • Uses high frequency ultrasound to inhibit barking
  • No physical contact and ensuring safety
  • 4 setting modes: Test, Low, Medium and High sensitivity
  • Maximum range of use up to 50ft / 15m
  • Indication lights for battery level
  • Durable and weatherproof


  • Product Dimensions (Dia H): 13cm x 16.5cm
  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 17cm
  • Product Weight: 240g
  • Gross Weight: 370g
  • Material: ABS
  • Test Mode: For testing microphone and speaker
  • Low Sensitivity Effective Range: 15ft / 4.6m
  • Medium Sensitivity Effective Range: 30ft / 9m
  • High Sensitivity Effective Range: 50ft / 15m
  • Power Source: 9V Battery (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Colour: Black

Package Contents:

1 x Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control System

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