Press Snap Pliers Fastener + 150PCS Resin Buttons Set

Press Snap Pliers Fastener + 150PCS Resin Buttons Set

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This Press Snap Pliers Fastener 150PCS Resin Buttons Set is something particularly for craft DIY clothes making enthusiasts, it is something so handy and small in size to have on making buttons for baby clothing, pets clothing, clothing decorations, fabric hand bags and so much more. Designed to fit T3, T5 and T8 resin press snap buttons and comes with 150 sets of T5 press snap buttons with assorted colours, each set of them consists of 4 individual parts.

PLEASE NOTE: The pliers can only work with resin plastic press snap buttons but NOT metal poppers / buttons! Colours can not be chosen/ add-on / swapped! Change to smaller rod attaching smaller rubber pads when fastening T3 buttons!


  • Easy operation on single hand
  • Pliers body made with strong aluminium alloy 
  • Comes with T3, T5 and T8 pliers fittings
  • Set includes 150 sets of resin buttons with assorted colours
  • Works the best on soft fabric with less fabric density


  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 26cm x 14cm x 4cm
  • Pliers Dimensions (W H): 16cm x 9.5cm
  • Pliers Interchangeable Fittings: T3 (10mm) / T5 (12mm) / T8 (14mm)
  • Press Snap Button Type: T5 (12mm)
  • Button Quantity: 10 assorted colours with 15 button set per colour
  • Material: Aluminium alloy / Steel / Resin

Package Contents:

1 x Press Snap Pliers
2 x Mini Screw Drivers
3 x Interchangeable Fitting
3 x Rubber Pads
150 x Sets of Assorted Press Snap Buttons

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