Shaggy Thin Rug Brown

Shaggy Thin Rug Brown

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Rug Thin Shaggy Rug Shaggy Mat Floor Mat

A shaggy floor mat can make your rooms look more cozy and comfortable. When you want to sit on the floor, you can cover the floor with a soft floor mad like our Shaggy Thin Floor Mat! Thanks to its light and trendy design, this Thin Shaggy Rug Shaggy Mat Floor Mat is suitable for most of the living areas. With a pillow and a blanket, you can even have a nap on this mat!


  • 100% Brand New Rug Thin Shaggy Rug Shaggy Mat Floor Mat 
  • Thin and Light design
  • Shaggy Style
  • Anti-slip design on the bottom of the mat to prevent movement 
  • Easy to move around
  • Suitable for most of living areas


  • Product Dimensions (L W): 230cm x 160m
  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 23cm x 23cm x119cm
  • Product Weight: approx. 2kg
  • Material: Soft synthetic yarns / anti-slip back
  • Colour: Brown

Package Content:

1 x Shaggy Thin Floor Mat BROWN