Wine Aerator Decanter Essential Instant FS

Wine Aerator Decanter Essential Instant FS

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Wine needs to breathe to release its intended aromas and flavours. Traditional wine decanting is time consuming and troublesome. However, with our wine decanter, it can happen when you pour the wine into a glass. Simply pour the wine through this decanter over the glass, it will draw in and mix proper amount of air that make your wine breathe instantly. IT IS SO EASY... You can enjoy a better enhanced wine with smoother finish.

PLEASE NOTE: If you see a fold line extended from the aeration hole, that is normal as it is part of the manufacturing process.


  • 100% Brand New!
  • Stand included
  • To aerate wine easily and quickly
  • To enhance wine flavours with smoother finish
  • Easy to use and wash, dishwasher safe


  • Product Dimensions(Dia x H): 5.5cm x 14cm (without stand)
  • Package Dimensions(L x W x H): 23cm x 8cm x 9cm
  • Gross Weight: Approx. 500g
  • Aerator Material: Acrylic 
  • Base Material: Silicone

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Wine Aerator Decanter Essential Instant FS