0.6m x 2m Frosted Window Glass Film

0.6m x 2m Frosted Window Glass Film

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Glass panels became more and more common especially for modern designed buildings, you love the look but you could hate it at the same time because people could just see what's happening inside. You can't just remove the glass for sure, but you find by fully covering it, you looses the perfect natural lighting. Now with this Frosted Window Glass Film, your problems are all solved at once! It allows most of light to pass through the film without any visibility to pass through. Waterproof matte surface enables easy cleaning and instant wipe dry.

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT applicable on porous or uneven surface such as wall, wood, tiles and concrete!!

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0.6m x 2m Window Glass Frosted Film


  • 100% Brand New 0.6m x 2m Window Frosted Glass Privacy Film
  • Made of high quality and durable PVC material
  • Self-adhesive, waterproof and greaseproof
  • Frosted design to protect the privacy of the room
  • Effectively block vision, with super light transmittance
  • Easy to stick on all kinds of smooth glass, no need to use glue
  • Suitable for bathroom, living room, bedroom, or office room etc


  • Product Dimensions (L H): 2m x 0.6m
  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 6cm x 6cm x 62cm
  • Product Weight: 400g
  • Package Weight: 680g
  • Thickness: Approx. 0.14mm
  • Material: PVC
  • Application Method: Electrostatic

Package Contents:

1 x 0.6m x 2m Window Frosted Glass Privacy Film

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