1.5M Waterproof Seal Tape - WHITE

1.5M Waterproof Seal Tape - WHITE

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Waterproof Tape is a brilliant temporary solution to stop the leak before you are able to repair the leaking source. Simply cut off the length you need and patch it onto the leaking area. This waterproof tape has the characteristic of flexibility just like rubber and super strong adhesive, so do remember you only have one shot to patch! You won't be able to relocate patched tape or to fix or adjust it - that's how adhesive it is!


  • 100% Brand New Waterproof Tape Seal Tape
  • Stops the leak instantly
  • Simply cut and patch it onto leaking area
  • Super strong adhesive to use with water presence
  • Flexible and rubbery material 
  • Brilliant temporary solution to seal
  • Perfect for home project and repairs


  • Product Dimensions (L W): 152cm x 10cm
  • Packaging Dimensions (L W H): 9cm x 9cm x 10cm
  • Material: PPA
  • Colour: White

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1.5M Waterproof Seal Tape - WHITE