160L Twin Tumbling Compost Bin

160L Twin Tumbling Compost Bin

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When it comes to green waste disposal, using traditional compost bins require manual aerating and turning, the heap can be a bit too much work. However, if you would like to hear the "easy" sound when considering recycling garden waste, here is the Twin Tumbling Compost Bin for you!

Our Twin Tumbling Compost Bin with eight sides will be the perfect supplement and essential item for your backyard, because it offers a super simple, convenient and efficient method of composting. The compost bin is constructed with strong and durable steel for long-lasting service life, while the stand ensures its stability during work. The compost bin with tumbling design avoids manual excavation and mixing compost, which can free your hands and improve mixing efficiency. The tumbler bin is an ideal choice because you can rotate the contents regularly to thoroughly mix and aerate. Moreover, the vents on the bin offer outstanding aeration to ensure maximum airflow and optimized ventilation to speed up composting, while internal unevenness prevents gas accumulation. The two spacious openings and removable sliding lids make it easy to add the waste and clear compost, whilst the deep fins on the compost bin provide a great ergonomic handgrip. The twin compost bin features two chamber design so that two separate slides can complete continuously swapping, which will produce an uninterrupted flow of rich, valuable compost. What’s more, the compost bin is easy to rotate the barrel and built-in churner, which thoroughly mix the materials and compost faster.

PLEASE NOTE: Full assembly is required!


  • 100% Brand New 160L Twin Tumbling Compost Bin
  • Sturdy and heavy duty construction
  • Twin chamber design
  • Two removable sliding lids
  • 360 degree rotating
  • Easy to rotate barrel
  • Built-in churner for mixing material
  • Vents for maximum airflow
  • Convenient to store and use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fit in backyard, garden, patio, etc.


  • Product Dimensions (L W H): 70cm x 70cm x 92cm
  • Package Dimension (L W H): 58cm x 58cm x 22.5cm
  • Product Weight: 10kg
  • Package Weight: 11.6kg
  • Capacity: 160L
  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Black

Package Contents:

1 x 160L Twin Tumbling Compost Bin

Customer Reviews

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Tricia De Cent
Fantastic composting

Great compost bin, especially for elderly that have on going injuries in lower back, not having to do back breaking manual turning of compost is a blessing. Pleased I had husband to put together though….. otherwise I’d still be labouring.