BINGO Dog Kennel 3x3x1.83m With Roof

BINGO Dog Kennel 3x3x1.83m With Roof

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Your furry friends need to be taken care and kept safe at all times and the best way is to arrange an enclosed area for them. This Dog Run allows your best buddies to accompany you when you are enjoying an outdoor afternoon tea with your family without the worry of leashing them. BINGO Outdoor Kennel and Dog Run Enclosure comes with smart simple locking system ensures your pet's security. Main framing structure made out of solid durable steel connect with high quality chain-link mesh. Spacious total area with 1.8m height allows your pet to run and exercise freely. Ideal for all pets such as puppies, kittens, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits and more!

PLEASE NOTE: This Dog Run is NOT recommended for pets that are prone to escape or would try hard to escape and full assembly is required!


  • 100% Brand New BINGO Dog Pet Kennel Run 3m x 3m With Roof
  • High quality & durable material
  • Galvanised metal minimises rust
  • Round-edged design on 4 corners enhances safety
  • Heavy duty Dog Run hinge & simple locking system
  • Fully fenced chain link mesh
  • Medium sized mesh prevent pet's legs being caught
  • Dog Kennel suitable for all kinds of pets in general


  • Dog Kennel Dimensions (L W H): 3x3x1.8m
  • Dog Kennel Package Dimensions (L W H): p1=195x38x11.5cm / p2=206x22x19cm
  • Roof Package Dimensions (L W H): 108x23x8cm
  • Dog Kennel Package Weight: p1=35.5kg / p2=33.3kg/ Carton Roof 12kg
  • Dog Kennel Material: Galvanized steel + Chain link mesh

Package Contents:

1 x BINGO Outdoor Dog Kennel Dog Run Pet Enclosure 3m x 3m
1 x Dog Run Water Resistant Roof Cover

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