Bingo Wooden Rabbit Hutch Cage

Bingo Wooden Rabbit Hutch Cage

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Our unique A-shaped Rabbit Hutch design maximizes your bunny's access to vegetation, allowing for natural foraging and exploration. The design includes an entrance that seamlessly connects to a spacious run, enabling your bunny to move freely between the internal resting area and the outdoor space. The bottomless design of the run encourages natural behaviors, such as grazing and foraging, offering a more enjoyable and stimulating environment. With two lockable doors, one for the run and another for the resting area, access and cleaning are simplified. The internal resting area features a solid floor to protect your bunnies from cold and damp conditions, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

The BINGO Triangular Rabbit Run stands out as an affordable solution for families with bunny-loving children or for those with smaller gardens, combining functionality with thoughtful design to create the perfect home for your pets.

PLEASE NOTE: Full assembly is required and it is recommended to stain the hutch after set up!!


  • 100% Brand New BINGO Wooden Rabbit Hutch Cage
  • Separated resting area & run area
  • No mesh on bottom of run maximising comfort
  • Floor in resting area to stay away from moist
  • Two large doors for easy access to anywhere
  • Lockable doors ensures security
  • Suitable for apartments or town houses with small garden area
  • Perfect gift for kids and your pet bunnies
  • Suitable for 2 rabbits


  • Product Dimensions (L W H): 110cm x 48.5cm x 41cm
  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 165cm x 51cm x 10cm
  • Rabbit Hutch Product Weight: 6kg
  • Rabbit Hutch Package Weight: 7.5kg
  • Door Dimensions (W H): 29 x 38.5cm (Resting Area) / 22 x 38.5cm (Run Area)
  • Rabbit Hutch Material: Fir wood/ Metal

Package Contents:

1 x BINGO Bunny Rabbit Hutch Cage Run