Pet Cat Tunnel Exercise Play Tunnel

Pet Cat Tunnel Exercise Play Tunnel

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Ever wonder what are your pets doing at home while you're away at work? They could be bored, they could be over-weight due to lack of exercise, they could wander around all day waiting for you, or the worst - make a huge mess from boredom or anxiety.

Cat Play Tunnel is exactly what you need to keep your fluffy cats busy, they are able to play, rest or have a nice nap inside the tunnel anytime and surely would love some fun time and little privacy. Made with strong polyester fabric with featuring hanging pompom toy - oh and you know how cats are just obsessed about these hanging toys, they could spend hour on it and never get bored. This Cat Play Tunnel has got a centre pop hole that adds lots of fun to it, and 3 way tunnels would create more surprises especially for homes with more than one cat.

For pet owners, best news for you is that this Cat Play tunnel comes in pop up style where it is foldable and portable - simply fold it away when not in use to keep your living space nice and tidy. If you are just too busy to spare some time with your fluffy friend, simply grab one of these Cat Play Tunnel, unfold, place it on flat ground and it is all good to go!

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  • Foldable & portable design for easy storage
  • Durable and water-resistant polyester fibre
  • Comes with hanging cat toy
  • Centre pop hole for extra surprises
  • Best convenient toy for cats
  • Also suitable for small puppies and even bunnies

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  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 28cm x 28cm x 4cm
  • Main Cat Tunnel Length: 80cm
  • Cat Tunnel Diameter: 25cm
  • Pop Hole Diameter: 15cm
  • Cat Tunnel Material: Polyester
  • Cat Tunnel Colour: Black & Light blue

Package Contents:

1 x 3-Way Cat Play Tunnel Cat Toy Pet Tunnel

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