Water Container with Tap 12L

Water Container with Tap 12L

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Wonder what a plastic container can do for you? Don't underestimate the importance of having one especially when it comes with smart designs, think about it when you head over to your next road trip, a wonderful family picnic, an emergency water, for temporary construction project or maybe something to use for pure water collection from the local distillery? This 12L Water Tank isn't necessary for cold water, you could fill it with hot water up to 80°C without it being deformed, best design of all is that it comes with volume adjustable outlet dispenser. You are able to adjust the outlet volume by twisting the orange cap, and that is not all, the whole dispenser can be removed for cleaning, so if you happen to fill it with juice for instance, you are able to wash it thoroughly after the picnic. Large filling inlet opening allows access into the container, and it has got an inlet hole on the lid for commercial coffee machines or other appliances that needs water feeding.


  • 100% Brand New Water Container with Tap 12L
  • Multipurpose light weight water container
  • Could hold temperature to up to 80°C
  • 12L handy size with carrier handle
  • Outlet volume adjustable dispenser
  • Removable dispenser for cleaning
  • Comes with rubber seal rings to prevent leaking
  • Large inlet size for access into inner container
  • Additional hole on lids for water feeding appliances
  • Perfect buddy for camping, outdoor activities and home use


  • Product Dimensions (L W H): 36cm x 17cm x 24.5cm
  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 41cm x 26cm x 18cm
  • Product Weight: 700g
  • Gross Weight: 1kg
  • Material: PC / ABS
  • Capacity: 12L
  • Maximum Temperature: 80°C
  • Inlet Diameter: 11cm
  • Lid Hole Diameter: 13mm

Package Contents:

1 x Water Container 12L