Pregnancy Maternity U-Shape Pillow - Grey + White

Pregnancy Maternity U-Shape Pillow - Grey + White

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Navigating pregnancy can be challenging, especially when finding a comfortable sleeping position. Worry no more, as our Pregnancy Support U-Shape Pillow is here to transform your sleep experience.

Essential for every expecting mother, this U-Shape Pillow provides unparalleled comfort and support. Its design cradles your body, offering the soothing sleep you've been craving throughout pregnancy. It addresses common pregnancy discomforts, ensuring you get the rest you need. Specifically contoured to support your body's natural shape, it promotes side sleeping—the optimal position for prenatal health.

The benefits extend beyond pregnancy. Post-delivery, it becomes an invaluable support for breastfeeding, helping you find the most comfortable positions.

Order yours today and embrace this transformative period with the care and comfort you deserve.


  • 100% Brand New Pregnancy Maternity U-Shape Pillow - GREY + WHITE
  • Outlines full body shape
  • Absolute sleeping comfort
  • Prevents mothers-to-be from rolling on to their back
  • Solid support
  • Can also be used as "the boyfriend" pillow


  • Product Dimensions (L W H): 136cm x 80cm x 23cm
  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 40cm x 32cm x 18cm
  • Product Weight: 3.4kg
  • Material: Dyed Cotton (removable zippered case) 
  • Pregnancy Pillow Filling: Polyester Hollow Fiber 
  • Colour: Grey / White

Package Contents:

1 x Pregnancy Maternity U-Shape Pillow - GREY + WHITE