1.8x30m PVC Coated Wire Netting Fence

1.8x30m PVC Coated Wire Netting Fence

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This PVC Coated Wire Netting is those mesh wire netting you would want to use as chicken/ poultry enclosure, garden fencing, agricultural storage, temporary fencing..etc. Features standard 60x60mm grids, metal steel wire that covered with PVC coating. This makes it more water resistant and rusting resistant to be applied when comparing to standard metal mesh wire netting. PVC outer coating is designed with round edges, enhancing safety on both application and when it is used as enclosures.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed to be used outdoor, scratched or broken PVC could lead to oxidation of metal, and rust could be built overtime!


  • Fits general uses
  • Suitable for garden fencing and small pet enclosures
  • Metal wire netting with extra PVC coating
  • Round edges to enhance safety
  • Rust-resistance and water-resistance
  • Durable and tough mesh wire
  • Standard 60mm grids


  • Product Dimensions (L W): 1.8m x 30m
  • Package Dimensions (Dia H): 30cm x 30cm x 180cm
  • Product Weight: 17.5kg
  • Grid Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm
  • Wire Thickness: 2.4mm
  • Material: Steel / PVC
  • Colour: Green

Package Contents:

1 x PVC Coated Wire Netting 1.8x30m